Elections Management Office


A strategy of the Council, working with CCCR/ACT, is to organize the quadrants/deaneries of the Archdiocese into networks of Catholics who are inspired by the spirit of Vatican II to move from passive acceptance to active engagement in the life and mission of the local church.  Council members represent the quadrant they live or worship in.  See the main menu “Quadrants” to see how the parishes are assigned to deaneries.  The job description for the Elections Management Office includes:


1) research the extent to which parishes use elections currently for parish offices


2) construct a model procedure for introducing elections into parishes


3) construct a plan to introduce and establish the idea of elections for the Council in each parish


4) implement the plan over 5 years


5) set up the election procedures for 2015 at the Synod of the Baptized


This team has yet to be formed.  If you are interested in joining, call Paula Ruddy at (612) 379-1043.